Venue Manager's FAQs is the fastest way there is for customers to book a meeting room in real time. We only deal with Day Delegate rates, no complex room hires by the hour. We are targeting clients and agents who need a meeting room, right now.

Not at all! It takes 15-20 minutes if you have the information and photos to hand.

Nothing at all until you receive bookings through the site, there are no up-front costs to market your venue. Our marketing fee for bookings made is 15% on the net value of the meeting.

Stage one - register and login, then enter your venue information and photos.
Stage two - wait for your activation email, and you are ready to load dates and rates. Easy!

Yes, and in that instance our marketing fee drops to 5%, with the agent claiming their commission in the usual way, at 10% on the net value of the meeting.

That's up to you, we suggest initially to load the next two – three weeks, and then update on a rolling basis as necessary. You can go as far ahead as you like though.

No - it takes less than a minute a day!

Simply contact the customer with the details we give you, and make your payment arrangements with them directly. The meeting room will come off your inventory, don't forget to add another one for that day...

Yes just call our support line on 0844 243 6353

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  • Easy to compare prices
  • Live availability on all venues
  • Book in just 3 simple steps
  • Compare all of the major hotel venues
  • Last minute meeting rooms available
  • Best rates guaranteed
  • Deal directly with the venue
  • No credit card required

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